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Daniel Carlson - Biography


Daniel has been creating art since he was 4 years old. He has a very unique and identifiable style, consisting of everything from painting to sculpture. His work ranges from abstract to realism, colorful to monochromatic. He uses every medium he can to create art, also expanding all the way into music.  Daniel has done a multitude of shows performing and doing live art while displaying his current and previously completed work. He has recently been spotted live painting at Tempe Art A Goh Goh, as well as First Friday’s, Sail Inn, Stray Cats, and a number of other venues around the valley.


He is currently enrolled at Chandler Gilbert Community College, pursuing his associate of Fine Arts with an emphasis on painting, which proves his appreciation and dedication in this field of study. He is seeking a career as a concept artist, (designer) and prefers to work with his hands (pencil, pen, or brush) as oppose to a computer (Illustrator or Photoshop.) 


Daniel has worked with a number of other artists around the valley, such as Aztec Smurf, Cogs, Steve Caballero, Fin, Hemps, More 1, and Queen Loopy. He currently has a mural working in progress at Mind’s Eye Rehearsal Studios in Mesa, AZ where his talents can be witnessed firsthand. Daniel has a deep passion and love for the arts, as he continues to grow and expand his talents, resources, and revenues, exponentially and indefinitely.